The scrupulous job of selection and clonal planning in the new plants and the investments in the winery enhance the quality of our grapes and help us reach our main goal: producing wines with a full correspondence wine-vineyard-terroir. The grapes, harvested by hand are softly pressed and picked from the bunch before fermentation begins at controlled temperature. After the harvest red wines carry out malolactic fermentation and then are stored in wine casks made of wood or steel. White wines are bottled in spring and red wines are bottled in summer.
In the last years the firm has concentrated mainly on the cultivation of the three varieties which are the most suitable to the typical soil of the area: Arneis, Nebbiolo and Barbera.

«... There I found a large man with a hard stare but at the same time reassuring, he poured himself some of the New Nebbiolo. I will always remember his expression of amazement at the elegance and giving nature the wine! That man gave us belief and allowed us to hope for a better future ...»